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Avianca is the countrywide airline of Colombia in the year 1919 and is associated with the Synergy Alliance that embeds Ocean Air and VIP. The carrier is the biggest airline in Colombia and the second biggest in Latin America. Through its affiliates, Avianca has the major widespread routes of destinations in Latin America and is considered major carrier linking South America through around the globe. Functioning from its center in Bogota towards 25 destinations in Colombia and excess of 40 destinations in the Americas and Europe. In 2019, the carrier is solemnizing its 100th anniversary.

The Colombian airlines are the world's second-elder carrier remain in function and are the ancient regularly functioning carrier in the Western Hemisphere.

A few of its major non-stop flights services to Colombia within Barcelona, Madrid, London and Munich. On the other hand, linking to Colombia could be made over most portals in the US (New York, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami).

Well-Famous Routes

  • Flights Bogota to Cartagena
  • Flights Bogota to Santa Marta
  • Flights Bohota to San Andres
  • Flights Bogota to Leticia
  • Flights Bogota to Madrid
  • Flights Bogota to Miami
  • Flights Bogota to Boston

Avianca Business Class Flights Facilities

Travelers who make reservations of Economy Class have the choice to enhance by Aerovias’ Plusgrade Auction System, or, subsequently, last-moment at the aerodrome if there are seatings remain existed in Business Class.

Perks of flying in an Avianca Business Class travelers contain urgency lodging, VIP sprawls, two portions of luggage allotment, a unique meal and beverages choices in-flight, and urgency luggage tagging so that your luggage deems be prepared to collect us as fast as feasible during landing.

Flight Map

Need to route the precise spot of your flight? Make a visit to our flight map and be up-to-date with the important info about your flight like current spot, time and speed.

On-Board Magazines

Avianca Business Class offers the latest magazines while flying towards your destination with reading. So that travelers can be amused during their flight time while reading relaxedly in the business lodge.

Fine Dining

Make Avianca Business Class Reservations and relish in improved dining in the clouds. The meals delivered in Avianca Business Class Flights are made through original ingredients. Few of the choices contain hot chocolate, pudding and appetizers.

What is Avianca Business Class Seating Like?

The comfy Avianca Business Class seats will lie down to a bedtime location, and the private touch display is offered. Amenities similarly contain a cushion and bedstead, sleepers pouch, flight kit, lots of galaxy space, seating and spotlight tackles, USB docks, and international stopper.

Avianca Business Class Flights Hub

Avianca Business Class Flights have prolonged its hands in several destinations to aids travelers. Become the biggest carrier in Colombia, the carrier is functioning flights in a wide scope of domestic along with international destinations. Mainly, it serves the flights in the foremost towns such as San Jose, Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, Quito and Miami. The carrier has its core centers at:

Jorge Chavez international airport in Lima.

MonsenorOscar Arnulfo Romero international airport.

EL Dorado international airport in Bogota.

Avianca Airlines Check-In Policy

Web Check-In

Travelers get the option to check-in for their flight through our web check-in page. Accordingly, press on the carrier sign that would take you to the Avianca Business Class web check-in page. You may go through using a booking code or your flight confirmation number to check-in to your Avianca Flights online. Online check-in starts 24 hours earlier to your flight departing time.

Airport Check-In

For check-in at the airport, Avianca Business Class indicates that travelers should have to reach the check-in desks at least three hours earlier to the flight in case traveling internationally and at least one hour earlier to their flight even traveling domestically. Moreover carriers also offer the choice for travelers to check-in through self-service counters at the airfield. Travelers would just provide their info within the self-service counters and print their boarding cards at the aerodrome. Travelers could do the check-in on every flight through a self-service counter within 24 hours earlier to your flight depart.

In case traveling domestically from Peru and Colombia, check-in through the self-service counters ends 35 minutes earlier to a booked flight departing time. For traveling domestically from Ecuador, self-service counters are existed for check-in up till 35 minutes earlier to a booked flight departing time. For traveling somewhere else, counters ended one hour earlier to your booked flight departing time.

Avianca Airlines Luggage Policy:

Checked Baggage

The checked baggage allotment in Avianca Business Class Flights is according to the size and weight including the class of lodges. Travelers are permitted for two portions of checked baggage which will be under the 32kilos of weight.

Carry-on Baggage

Travelers are permitted to bring two portions of permitted carry-on luggage and one allowed own belonging in Avianca Business Class Flights. The luggage might not be bigger than 115cm in edges and not be heavy than 15kilos in load. Such norms are applied to portions of free checked luggage. Checked luggage should not cross the edges of 158cm and might not be heavy than 32 kilos.

Required additional baggage? Add further luggage to your Avianca booking at the time of buying Avianca Business Class Tickets.

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