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Spirit Airlines is a North American highly low-priced carrier headquarter located in Miramar, Florida. It's operating approx 500 scheduled flights to 67 destinations day-to-day around the United States and international destinations and the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin, and South America. Spirit Airlines Flights have a fleet size of 120 Airbus Aircrafts, the airline early by increasing the number by extra 57 aircraft.

Spirit Airlines Flights ranked as the eighth biggest commercial airlines in North America, having two key operating hubs at Detroit Airport (DTW) and Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL). Central functioning hubs are located in Detroit, Orlando, Dallas/Fort Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago–O'Hare, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. The domestic widespread destinations of Spirit Airlines Flights contain Atlanta, Chicago-O'Hare, Detroit, Dallas, Florida, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Tampa.

Highly Low-Priced Carrier

Spirit Airlines started a transformation in 2007 to re-brand themselves as a highly-low-priced carrier, by the new slogan 'Less Money, More Go.' The 'highly-low-priced' is considered the lowest priced of the tickets. Travelers have specified the ability to pick what add-ons and further selections they need, such as luggage allotment, in-flight appetizers, and seating range, to add to the base price.


Type of Aircraft Number in Service Orders
A321-200 30 /
A320-200neo 26 /
A320-200 64 /
A319-100 31 /

Spirit Airlines Hub Airport

Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) is the key hub situated in Florida, United States, and near Dania Beach and Hollywood. Its biggest base hub of Spirit Airlines Flights has three runways and can operate more than 35 million travellers per year. Spirit Airlines Flights similarly has operational headquarters at the following airports: Orlando, Dallas/Fort Worth; Las Vegas; Atlantic City; and Chicago–O'Hare.

Airport Code Airport Name City & Country
TPA Tampa Intl Airport Tampa, United States
LAS McCarran Intl Airport Las Vegas, United States
MCO Orlando Intl Airport Orlando, United States
DEN Denver Intl Airport Denver, United States
LAX Los Angeles Intl Airport Los Angeles, United States
DFW Dallas Ft Worth Intl Airport Dallas, United States
ATL Hartsfield Jackson Intl Airport Atlanta, United States
FLL Ft Lauderdale Hollywood Intl Airport Miami, United States
FLL Ft Lauderdale Hollywood Intl Airport Ft Lauderdale, United States

Spirit Airlines Flights Ticket Manage & Booking

If passengers require changes in their travel plan, Spirit Airlines' manage booking service is a wonderful choice. Spirit Airlines manage booking choice permit its passengers to make essential changes to their booked tickets earlier to the flight departing. This service shall use online over Spirit Airlines Official Site. Also, those who face trouble in managing flight online can reach us to our helpdesk team. Those who are inclined to modify their existing bookings make changes under 24 hours from the expected take-off. Passengers can use spirit airlines to manage booking services to change the traveling date, add-on luggage, cancellation, and prior seat selection.

Spirit Airlines On-Board Facilities

It's forever an amusing experience traveling with Spirit Airlines Flights. To relish the approach to a universe of luxury and excessive experience, get low-priced Spirit Airlines Ticket Booking with us and reduce your flying costs.

  • The Seat Details may differ slightly according to the aircraft.
  • Travelers can go for an all-in-one online Spirit Airlines Reservation together with check-in.
  • They supervise and carrier members in-flight are really supportive, polite, and flyer-friendly.
  • The airline offers its customers consistent, fast, and well-organized service.
  • Spirit Airlines Flights Booking desk offers you inexpensive possible airfares to its valued customers.
  • The airline offers the biggest ULCC route in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  • Travelers can go for an all-in-one online Spirit Airlines Reservation together with check-in.
  • There is luxurious leather seating having a flyer that can fit one luggage piece below the seats.
  • You can now turn to an associate of the Fare Club that permits you private admission to the lowermost tariffs accessible and discounts on luggage charges.
  • Travelers in-flight can also buy an extensive collection of meals and snacks via a debit or a credit card.
  • Travelers have similarly presented coverage facilities, optional hotel stays, cars, holiday packages, and cruise services.

Baggage Allotment in Spirit Airlines Flights

Spirit Airlines Reservations' baggage allotment is one of the little personal items; 18 x 14 x 8 (45 x 35 x 20 cm). A fee put on to carry an additional and bigger belonging with 22 x 18 x 10 edges (56 x 46 x 25 cm).

The charges for carrying an extra belonging in-flight differs rendering on the period the allowance is bought and on early booking, throughout Spirit Airlines check-in, at the airport, or at the entrance where the charges are applicable for most flights in a mode, as usual, if bought throughout online reservations.

And if a traveler is a participant of the Fare Club, they can also buy their bring-on allowance. Nevertheless, the allowance is bought earlier / throughout online check-in; the fee will be standard. And to end, the charge rises at the airport or the gate.

Check-In Information

Web Check-In

Web check-in is offered over the Spirit Airlines website. Just fill in your flight specifics for online check-in. Online check-in initiates 24 hours earlier your planned flight take-off time and closes just one hour earlier.

Airport Check-In

Customers who could not do web check-in or require special help can check-in at the airport and one of the Spirit Airlines check-in kiosks. Reach at least three hours previously your departure for international flights and at least two hours previously to your departure time for domestic flights to permit time for check-in; luggage gives up.

Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines Flights

Now relish in high-speed Wi-Fi on every Spirit Airline Flights Booking. In the summer of 2019, Spirit Airlines has fit Wi-Fi on every one of its planes for travelers' ease, and they can access the whole thing that passengers require online on any and every Spirit Airlines Flight. Wi-Fi is obtainable within the second you boarding up till the second you get out from the aircraft. Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi is accessible for a certain low fee for the complete flying, which differs according to the flying route.

Spirit Airlines Group Trip

Under Spirit Airlines group trip plan, any set of 10 or more persons can fly with each other. Spirit airlines deliver one certain ticket price for all of that flyers who will journey in a group. For group bookings, passengers must apply for the Group trip procedure offered on Spirit Airlines Flights Booking official site. After successfully booking your group tickets, passengers will obtain an estimate within 3 working days, which comprises every information about the Spirit Airlines group trip. To find out more about the group trip on Spirit Airlines, call us on our helpline number. If you have previously booked your Spirit Airlines Tickets for a group trip and further query about the group, you contact our travel agents at the number included in the given contract.

Child Policy in Spirit Airlines

When a traveler travels with a child, it turns into while tough as related to a grown teen. Spirit Airlines Flights have earlier clear some user agreements for flying with Childs. The policy of Spirit Airlines Flights Booking for kids has the following points:

  • A lap kid has an age between 7 days to 23 months. A child does not need a paid seat. If needed, a traveler can book a seat also.
  • The airline could request for the papers of age identification of the kid.
  • Only 1 lap kid is allowable per guest.
  • Lap kids are not permitted to on emergency exit seats.

If there is remain any inquiry, a traveler can contact the reservation desk. Further details are mentioned on the Spirit Airlines official website.

Spirit Airlines Flights Class of Travel: -

First Class: In Spirit Airlines planes, there is no cabin for First-Class. It had a maximum standard of cabin class is 'Big Front Seating,' which is further similar to Premium Economic.

Business Class: In Spirit Airlines, there is no Business Class cabin. Its better expensive cabin class is the 'Big Front Seating,' which is the same as other carrier's Premium Economic Class.

Premium Economy Class: Spirit Airlines Tickets generally provides travelers a likelihood to promote to 'Big Front Seating,' similar to its Premium Economic Class. By way of service, Premium Economy is equal to Economy Class. The one variance is the dimensions of the seating and the add-on of a tray board. The Big Front Seating is 22 edges extensive and has 36 edges of size. The seats are non-reclining, but around Big, Front Seating does have variable and relaxed headrests. Every seating has a tray board as an additional spare within Economy Class.

Economy Class: Spirit Airlines Economy Class is an advanced better primary cabin class. Economy Class travelers on Spirit Airlines Flights are given admittance to the plane's onboard menu, wherever they can demand a wide range of hot and cold appetizers, along with a choice of drinks. The seating of Economy Class has 15 and a half edges of size and 28 edges of ground.

Check Spirit Airlines Pet Policy: If a traveler requests to take their pet together on the flight, the pet policy is continued. Below stated are the main guidelines for Spirit Airlines pet's reservations: