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About WestJet Airlines Flights

WestJet Airlines is a major Canadian airline established on February 29, 1996. It started as an inexpensive option for the country's opposing primary airlines. It offered scheduled and charter air service to more than hundreds of destinations in the United States, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and Canada.

It is the second-biggest Canadian air carrier in arrears Air Canada, functioning a regular of 777 flights and transporting above 66,130 passengers each day. WestJet airborne 25.49 million travelers in 2018, getting it the ninth-biggest airline in North America by travelers borne.

WestJet Airlines: History

WestJet bein in gossip about a likely 'affluent' layout for Air Canada's network rear for 1999. These meetings were patently interrupted when Air Canada took ahead through Canadian Airlines' possession the subsequent year.

WestJet started an inadequate interlining contract with Taiwan-established China Airlines in 2005 in share to examine the company's proficiency to associate under different carriers. WestJet stated it turned out to negotiate over 70 airlines about the world engaged in a spaced or codeshare agreement back in 2006.

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Welcome Visions for WestJet Airlines Flights

Hubs:Calgary, Toronto-Pearson, Vancouver

Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Popular Route: Calgary – Toronto

Popular Destinations: Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary

Focus Cities: Edmonton, Halifax, Winnipeg

Frequent Flyer Program: WestJet Rewards

Subsidiaries: WestJet Europe, WestJet Link, Swoop

Fleet Size: 125

Destinations: 100+

Parent Company: Onex Corporation

Key People: Ed Sims (CEO, President)

Employees: 4500 (June 2020)

WestJet Fleet

The air company functions an all-Boeing fleet, which is mutual for affordable carriers. The airline presently has more than 120 aircraft in its fleet, with an extra 50 on order. The table under summarises the present fleet, which is correct for December 2020.

Aircraft In-Service
Boeing 787-9 3
Boeing 767-300ER 4
Boeing 737 MAX 10 /
Boeing 737 MAX 8 13
Boeing 737 MAX 7 /
Boeing 737-800 39
Boeing 737-700 52
Boeing 737-600 13

Awards Won by WestJet Airlines

The carrier has won various awards and appreciation for its extraordinary traveler services together with the resulting:

Tycoon of the Year award in 2000 by the Ernst & Early for owing exertions in the ground of flying
Alberta's Maximum Employers in 2008
Significantly chosen carrier by passengers in 2009
1st position in the World Airline Awards 2010 in the group of the Air company Staff Service Brilliance in North America and 2nd position in the group of the Top Affordable Carrier in North America

WestJet Airlines: Destinations & Hub

WestJet and WestJet Encore presently operate towards 108 destinations in 25 nations all over the Caribbean, Europe, North and Central America together with 36 cities in Canada and 23 in the United States. WestJet's biggest hub regarding every day departures is Calgary International Airport, the carrier's key joining point in Western Canada, and Toronto Pearson International Airport, the carrier's key joining point in Eastern Canada.

The carrier has its hubs at Toronto Pearson InternationalAirport, Vancouver International Airport, and Calgary International Airport. Ithas its Core Towns at Richardson International Airport, Winnipeg JamesArmstrong, Edmonton International Airport, and Halifax Stanfield InternationalAirport. WestJet subordinate contains WestJet Link, WestJet Encore, and Swoop.

WestJet Airlines Flight

Airports Where WestJet Airlines Mostly Fly

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport Flights
  • Calgary International Airport Flights
  • Vancouver International Airport Flights
  • Edmonton International Airport Flights
  • LaGuardia Airport Flights
  • Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport Flights
  • Sangster International Airport Flights

WestJet Airlines Top Routes

  • Calgary to Toronto (YYC to YTO)
  • Toronto to Calgary (YTO to YYC)
  • Vancouver to Toronto (YVR to YTO)
  • Vancouver to Calgary (YVR to YYC)
  • Toronto to Vancouver (YTO to YVR)
  • Calgary to Vancouver (YYC to YVR)
  • Edmonton to Toronto (YEA to YTO)

WestJet Airlines Top Destinations

  • Flights to Toronto
  • Flights to Calgary
  • Flights to Vancouver

WestJet Airlines Classes of Services

Business Class

WestJet Airlines Tickets of Business Class provides you an excellent travel adventure, over and above outlook on its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

  • Get equipped for an extraordinary experience when you fly in Business Class on WestJet. With an exquisite mouth menu to relaxed reclining seating together with great blankets and cushions, you would treat extravagance all over and get deluxe facility kits.
  • Relish own pods beside reclining seats and linear way entrance.
  • Rest with culture originated cushions and coatings existed on each seating.
  • Business Class additionally arrives by the privilege of entirely extendable isolation displays.
  • Encounter a luxurious trip with a seat inclination of 46 bits and a seat expanse of 22 bits. Four-way lumbar support more improves your travel wisdom. And there's lots of private storage area.
  • Travelers embraced in-flight by a glass of champagne.
  • By feast anytime aid, you savor an elite range of salads, main courses, and pastries from the restaurant-style menu served on dining ware encouraged by the Canadian aspect. Also, you offered an excellent choice of Canadian and international beverages.
  • Wanderers having specific dietary demands can book grits before flights.
  • Business Class emphasizes an 18.5-inch touch screen display offering access to hundreds of hours of movies and TV episodes to keep travelers cherished
  • Travelers also get internet access for a fee, video games for every age, ten music channels, a range of manuals, and active noise-canceling headphones. AC power socket and USB port also provided.

Premium Class

Wonderful ambiance, conveniences, and fare advantages make Premium a charming option. Take WestJet Airlines Flights Booking deals for Premium and explore an extraordinary approach to travel.

  • Travelers can experience a 2x3x2 seat arrangement in Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a separate and single cabin, comfortable coatings, and cushions available on each seating. They get a 2x2x2 design in Boeing 767, a self and deluxe room, and, 2x2 seating arrangement in Boeing 737 Max.
  • Premium passengers having a flight above 1 hour will receive to relish the wine of their selection, brew, and drinks. In international and long-distance flights, on Boeing 787 Dreamliner, travelers are served fantastic feeds beside their pick of the main course covered in their ticket.
  • Premium Class in international and long-distance flights, on 787 Dreamliner emphasizes 13.3-length touch display seatback monitor with passage to hundred hours of films and TV events. Travelers get internet access for a charge, video games for all age scale, ten channels of music, a variety of manuals, quiet noise-canceling headphones for use throughout the journey, and an AC power socket and USB port.
  • On domestic and international short-distance journeys, travelers in Premium are given passage to hundreds of hours of films and TV events and internet admittance for a charge on every aircraft. Tourists on 787 Dreamliner are allowed - 13.3 touch length seatback display with passage to hundreds of hours of films and TV events. They can obtain the internet for a charge. Passengers get ten music channels, including publications, video games, quiet noise-canceling headphones, an AC power socket, and a USB port.

Economy Class

An extraordinary adventure anticipates travelers buying WestJet Airlines Tickets for Economy Class!

  • Travelers flying in international long-distance flights in Boeing 787 Dreamliner has given a seat incline of 31 bits and a seat diameter of 17 bits. Their seating is arranged into a 3x3x3 arrangement and has self-dimming windowpanes. Travelers are offered coatings and cushions on every seat. In Boeing 767, travelers get a 2x3x2 seat arrangement.
  • In domestic and international flights in Boeing 787 Dreamliner, travelers get a 3x3x3 seating arrangement. Boeing 767, 2x3x2 configuration, Boeing 737 Max - 3x3 design, and Boeing 737, 3x3 arrangement. In domestic short-haul flights, travelers get a 2x2 layout in Bombardier Q400.
  • On international long-distance flights, on 787 Dreamliner, free food and drinks are allowed. Specific dietary feeds are also possible if booked in approach—travelers traveling in domestic flights on 787 Dreamliner giving complimentary soft beverages and a sweet or salty bite.
  • Travelers on domestic and international flights on Boeing 737 and 767 and flights commanded by WestJet Encore are allowed complimentary beverages and a sweet or salty refreshment on every flight above one hour.
  • For relaxation, visitors in the Economy are allowed a variation of options. In international long-distance flights and domestic and international flights on Boeing, 787 Dreamliner, travelers authorize 11.6 bits touchscreen display, internet admittance for a fee, hundreds of hours of films and TV events with WestJet Connect, AC power sockets, and USB ports at each seating, video games for all generations, a choice of manuals, and ten music channels.
  • In domestic and international flights on Boeing 767, 737-MAX, and 737, travelers get internet passage for a charge, hundreds of hours of films and TV events with WestJet Connect, and AC power sockets premium seating USB ports at each seat.

WestJet Airlines Seating

You can reserve your flight seats earlier while making your WestJet Airlines Reservations using the manage tours. They are offering three kinds of seat range.


There is a Normal, Ideal, and Emergency exit for choice at a higher charge.


Similar to basic, Normal, Ideal, and Emergency exit seating is accessible.


If you skip the seat pick up whereas booking, your heart goes to show routinely chosen for no charge at the movement of check-in.

WestJet Airlines Luggage Policy

Carry-on Luggage

Every traveler is permitted one portion of allowed carry-on baggage and one own thing in entire.
The bring-on baggage needs to inside the following sizes: 53 x 23 x 38cm.
The own piece requires to inside the subsequent measures: 41 x 15 x 33cm.

Checked Luggage

Any piece of checked luggage requires not exceeding 23 kg, or 50 hits in weightiness, and has sizes inside 157 entire centimeters or 62 top edges. The quantity of free luggage you get listed on in your ticket is reliant on the ticket kind you have bought:

A basic, Econo or Member Special get no free checked baggage in their flight
An Econo Flex ticket holder is allowed one free checked bag
A traveler through a Premium or Business ticket is allowed 2 x free checked bags.

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